Why You Shouldn’t Delay Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Why You Shouldn't Delay Wisdom Tooth Extraction annapolis dental care

If your wisdom teeth aren’t dealt with immediately, they can cause serious issues down the line.

Do you feel daily tooth pain? Does your jaw hurt regularly? If so, it might be a sign that your wisdom teeth need to be removed. In fact, there is nothing worse than a toothache. The reality is, sometimes tooth pain could simply be a sign that your wisdom teeth are ready to be removed. Ultimately, if your wisdom teeth aren’t dealt with immediately, they will likely cause serious issues down the line. Here are some key reasons why you should never delay extracting your wisdom teeth and other tooth pain.

Your Wisdom Teeth Can Promote Gum Disease

When wisdom teeth need to be removed, you’ll likely lead to gum disease down the line. In fact, impacted wisdom teeth tend to pressure the third molar area, This results in significant difficulty with that specific area. It makes it a lot harder to clean it all properly leading potentially to gum disease — if floss can’t make its way through effectively or efficiently.

Cysts And Tumors Might Form

If you don’t deal with the wisdom teeth in your mouth, you could cause yourself to get cysts or tumors in your mouth. In fact, your oral health could really become an issue down the line. The reality is, you might end up causing a lot more damage to your jaw or gums by not tackling your wisdom teeth as soon as you notice any potential pay with them.

Damage To Any Neighboring Teeth

Along with a lot of jaw pain, there are a lot of reasons that wisdom tooth extraction becomes increasingly important. In fact, bacterial infection and swelling are all too common for people who don’t deal with their wisdom teeth in the proper manner. 

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there is nothing better than dealing with your wisdom teeth once and for all. In fact, tackling your wisdom tooth extraction immediately can save you from significant pain and issues with your oral health down the line.


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