Showing Your Teeth: The Unexpected Benefits of Smiling

Showing Your Teeth: The Unexpected Benefits of Smiling

Smiling is a strange phenomenon, one we associate with happiness.

Smiling is a strange phenomenon, one we associate with happiness. We all love smiles so much we even attribute these facial expressions to our pets, even if they don’t smile in the same way that humans do. Showing our teeth isn’t always positive, but what are some of the unexpected benefits of smiling?

What Does Smiling Mean?

Here’s a fun fact that might put a smile on your face: every time you smile, you’re exercising your face. It sounds odd because we normally don’t associate our faces with a body part that needs exercise, but putting on a smile will use anywhere between five and fifty-three muscles. Smiles are often used in greetings, such as when you see a friend you haven’t seen in years or even one you just saw yesterday. Smiling can reassure other people you interact with on a daily basis, whether it’s a new neighbor or an old one.

How Smiling Helps You

Mood Booster: Here’s another fact you might not have known. Smiling acts as a mood booster. Even when you feel unhappy, all you might need to do to start feeling better is make yourself smile. While this isn’t guaranteed to work, at least it’s a start.

Your Heart: You might not think about your heart too much when it comes to your oral and dental health. Even so, smiling can help your heart as much as it helps your emotions. Happiness is related to having less stress in your life, along with lower chances of developing hypertension that can lead to heart problems.

Reducing Stress: When it comes to reducing stress, a smile can help you relax. Whenever you smile, your heart rate slows down a little bit, and this helps you feel calmer than you did just a few minutes ago.

Cheer Others Up Too

Believe it or not, smiling is contagious. If you are in a bad mood, a loved one laughing or smiling can help you cheer up. So it’s important to remember that with a rightly-timed smile, you can cheer someone else up as well.


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