Teeth Friendly Holiday Cooking Tips


You can find a lot of teeth friendly recipes online.

With the holiday season fast approaching, there’s a good chance you’ll soon be filling up on delicious treats, candy, pies, cakes and more. Still, too much sugar and you could be dealing with an unfortunate cavity later down the road. If you don’t moderate, too much sugar can lead to tooth decay and eventually tooth loss. You don’t have to cut sweets out of your holiday season completely though. Here are a few healthy cooking tips that can help curb your sweet tooth while still enjoying all of the tasty things the holiday has to offer.

Use Natural Alternative Sweeteners

There are healthier alternatives to sugar that are not chemical-laden artificial products. For example, consider swapping out white sugar for a healthier options such as maple syrup, raw honey, or agave nectar. Because these alternatives are much sweeter than cane sugar, you can actually get away with using less of them in your recipes. Plus, they have a number of nutritional benefits as well.

Choose Healthier Cooking Recipes

When it comes to healthier cooking, having an open mind and a willingness to try new recipes will help a lot. One thing that many people will do is search online for a similar recipe to the ones they love that calls for less sugar. “Apple Pie Less Sugar” for example. The growing awareness of the dangers of consuming too much sugar has significantly increased the availability of healthier recipes.

Take Time to Experiment

Keep in mind that replacing sugar with a natural alternative will have some effect on the taste and consistency of your recipes. Sometimes you will need to make adjustments to determine how much and how little is necessary. We suggest cooking in smaller batches first to test your alternatives, that way you can perfect your recipes with less waste.

And remember, even with sugar alternatives it’s important to continue practicing good oral hygiene habits. That means brushing and flossing twice a day as well as visiting your dentist every six months.

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