The Importance of Flossing

The Importance of Flossing

If you don’t make a habit of flossing, then you should start.

Let’s say that you are about to go to the dentist again. It’s time for your next appointment! If you don’t make a habit of flossing, then you should start. That way, you can avoid the uncomfortable prickling sensation in the spaces between your gums when the scraper goes in to remove the plaque and tartar that has built up. Plus, flossing helps you in the fight against cavity formation!

Floss Every Day 

Brushing your teeth isn’t always 100% effective. That’s part of the reason why flossing and using mouthwash every day is so beneficial. You can get rid of food debris that the brush and toothpaste might not be able to eliminate. The more biofilm that grows on your teeth, the more likely you are to develop tooth decay, gingivitis, and persistently bad breath that you can never seem to shake.  For most users, standard string floss can get the job done. Even so, be aware that in some cases, water floss can help make more of a difference. That’s because some people have crowded mouths where the teeth are too close together or they have crooked teeth. 

Doing It Right 

Now that you know more about why you should floss every day, let’s take a look at how. Take about eighteen inches of floss and wrap it around your middle fingers. Use your index finger and thumbs to pinch the string until there are only about two inches left for each hand. Use your thumbs to move the floss in between the teeth on your upper jaw and then on the lower jaw. Be gentle as you do this, and then get rid of the floss that you just used. Reusing old floss will only spread germs around instead of removing them.  

Choosing Your Floss 

This technique begs the question: should you use water floss or string floss? As we alluded to above, it ultimately depends on the user. Water floss is also known as oral irrigators; although they are effective, you shouldn’t use them exclusively and eschew the use of conventional floss.   


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