The Tooth Hurts: Tooth Fairy Stories from Around the World

Tooth fairy stories

Here are some tooth fairy stories from around the world.

No, not all tooth fairies are hockey players portrayed by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Unlike that movie, tooth fairies are an entrenched myth around the world. In this blog we’ll go over some tooth fairy stories from around the world. So, if a child’s tooth falls out, they’ll know more than just what to expect next.


(Tooth) Fairy Stories Have Been a Long-time European Classic

Human-fairy relations have long been a classic topic in the folklore of England and wider Europe. When colonization came around, the folklore came to America as well. The idea of putting the tooth under the pillow first began as a tradition of burying teeth in the garden. With the growth of cities, potted plants surpassed teeth as garden centerpieces.


Tooth Fairy Stories in Spain and Other Spanish-Speaking Countries

In Spain, Mexico, Peru, and many other Spanish-speaking countries, a myth parallel to the tooth fairy stories mentioned above took hold. Ratocinto Perez or El Raton de Los Dientes, among other names, became their tooth fairy. This rat collects tooth from children as they sleep, much like the tooth fairy does.


Tooth Fairy Stories Elsewhere Around the World

In Japan, teeth are simply thrown around. And where they go depends on the type of tooth. A similar story is commonplace in Korea, where blackbirds are supposed to bring them a new tooth. Meanwhile, in Pakistan, children are supposed to wrap their lost teeth in a cloth and take them to the river. At the river, they throw the teeth-filled cloth into the river for good luck.


What to Do Next After Loose Teeth Come Out

Explain to your kids why teeth fall out in the first place. Teach them the right way to extract a loose tooth. A clean tissue and some gauze are the best for this; the tooth should already be extremely loose. The first couple of teeth might require you to help them, but as they get older they should be able to do it themselves. Be sure to take care of teeth pain for them and have them brush the loose teeth.



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