Top Foods to Whiten Teeth and Prevent Staining

foods to whiten teeth and prevent staining

What are some top foods to whiten teeth and preventing staining?

Enjoying a healthy balanced diet is critical to maintaining optimal dental health, but even healthy foods can leave behind unattractive (and costly to fix) stains. Thankfully, there are many healthy and delicious foods that whiten teeth and prevent staining. Here are some of our favorites!

How Can Food Whiten Your Teeth?

Just like there are foods that stain teeth, there are foods that help to whiten teeth and build enamel. Certain foods are high in fiber, so they naturally scrub your tooth surface to remove excess plaque and debris. Obviously, food and drinks are never an adequate substitute for regular brushing and flossing—but they can certainly help out.

An Apple a Day

You’ve heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but did you know that an apple a day can also keep tooth decay away? Apples help to remove extra plaque and debris from your teeth. Apples also contain malic acid, which naturally cleans teeth and removes stains. The increased saliva production from the malic acid will help to whiten teeth and prevent staining.


Broccoli is incredibly high in fiber and has a rough texture in raw and cooked form. As a result, broccoli can help to actually clean and polish your teeth. The iron in broccoli will help make your teeth stronger and more resistant to staining. A diet high in fiber and iron is another good way to whiten teeth and prevent staining.

Say Cheese

Cheese is very rich in calcium, which is essential for bone health. Additionally, calcium fortifies your enamel to make your teeth stronger and more resistant to decay. If you eat firm types of cheese, it can also help to remove excess debris and plaque from the surface.

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