The Truth About the Tooth Fairy

 girl with missing tooth for tooth fairy

Your kids love the Tooth Fairy, but how did this story originate?

We all know the truth about Santa Claus. But what about the Tooth Fairy? Here is a deep dive into the history of how the Tooth Fairy came to be and what you need to know.

Origin Story

While the Tooth Fairy is still a modern creation, it will continue to be a myth that travels through the ages. There are various legends, myths, and traditions that come with the Tooth Fairy and what she stands for. While the Tooth Fairy’s legend varies widely throughout the world, in America, the Tooth Fairy is someone who comes to collect a child’s tooth once it has fallen out. Baby teeth have to go somewhere — don’t they? The disposal method can vary from household to household. Ultimately, the Tooth Fairy knows how to properly dispose of the fallen baby teeth, leaving behind some money for the child whose teeth have fallen out. 

Other Cultures And The Tooth Fairy

While America has a unique way of celebrating the milestone moment of children losing their teeth, other cultures may alter the story of the Tooth Fairy slightly. For instance, in South Africa, the lost tooth is placed in a slipper, and a magical mouse takes it and leaves a gift in his wake. In many other countries like India and Vietnam, people will toss the tooth over the roof. And in Argentina, the tooth is placed in a glass which children place near their bed. Then, the Tooth Fairy comes to take it after leaving a coin or candy as a gift.

Bottom Line

The Tooth Fairy is a great way to encourage healthy oral hygiene habits in children. It’s a tradition that transcends cultures and countries, with some form of the Tooth Fairy present worldwide. While we may celebrate differently, the reality stays the same — there is something to be celebrated about a child losing their baby teeth that needs to be marked in a special and memorable way.


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