Do You Use Enough Mouthwash on a Daily Basis?

Do You Use Enough Mouthwash on a Daily Basis?

If you’re on the fence about using mouthwash every day, here is some food for thought.

Part of making sure your mouth and teeth are healthy is to stick to a strict regimen of dental and oral health care. Also, don’t forget to brush and floss whenever you eat something. If you’re on the fence about using mouthwash every day, here is some food for thought.

Why Should You Use Mouthwash?

It’s easy to forget to use mouthwash. After all, you might not enjoy the slight burning feeling it brings to your mouth. But not all mouthwash is created equal, and not all of it is always harsh. Don’t hesitate to teach your kids the importance of rinsing with mouthwash – and borrow some of theirs if you feel it necessary. After all, bubblegum is easier to handle than cinnamon.

Sometimes, mouthwash is formulated to kill germs. If you are constantly complaining of abscesses in your teeth or infections in your mouth, you might want to use this variety. Other types of mouthwash can help you cut down on morning breath when you first wake up; and yes, there’s another mouthwash to consider – the kind that can help whiten your smile.

How to Use It

Although you might think it is more natural to rinse after you brush and floss, you should try doing it before. Carefully examine the bottle to see what amount the manufacturer recommends. Then you could pour that amount into the cap of the bottle or a little cup used for the same purpose. Double check that there is plenty of fluoride in whatever flavor of mouthwash you choose. The fluoride content is what makes the real difference when you are trying to help your teeth recover.

Your technique for rinsing with your chosen mouthwash matters as well. For instance, when you do remember to use mouthwash, keep track of how long you swirl it around your mouth. Thirty seconds is not enough. In fact, you’ll want to aim for closer to a full minute. We suggest a benchmark of forty-five seconds. By doing this, you can make sure you’ve hit all of your teeth along with every part of your mouth. Don’t forget to get some on the back of your throat, too.

You might also need to wait after rinsing to brush. If you immediately fill your mouth will water to relieve the sensation that mouthwash brings, you’re more than likely just going to defeat the purpose.


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