How to Take Care of Your Toothbrush

How to Take Care of Your Toothbrush

Once you have picked the right toothbrush, you must take care of it.

Once you have picked the right toothbrush, you must take care of it. You’ve always heard that every few months, you should discard your current brush and get a new one instead. But in the meantime, how can you ensure that the one you’ve been relying on lasts? After all, you’ve got to brush two or three times a day. Depending on how vigorously you do it, your toothbrush might not last too long.

Hand Washing

Be sure to wash your hands as often as you can. Antibacterial soap kills plenty of bad bacteria that can make you sick. Unfortunately, this soap might also kill the bacteria that is actually good for you. Still, you can never be too sure what’s on your hands and what you could be putting into your mouth. Wash your hands, use your toothbrush, and once you’re done, rewash them.

Don’t Share

Even though it doesn’t seem like a problem, you shouldn’t share your toothbrushes, either. You might be running the risk of a disease or an infection you’re unaware of, and if you’re already sick, that will only make your condition worse. If for some reason you have a weakened immune system, don’t do this.

Rinse In Between Uses

You might already be in the habit of rinsing your toothbrush before putting any toothpaste on it. If you are, that’s a good start. If you aren’t, you might want to think about doing this. Don’t forget to rinse it when you’re done. Sometimes, sanitizing your toothbrush with mouthwash can help clean it off too.

Replace and Separate

Every three months or so, get a new toothbrush. You can wait at most four months, but anything after that is inadvisable. This amount of time is the expected lifespan of a regular toothbrush since by then the bristles will have been worn down enough to become ineffective. Depending on how much wear and tear there is on the toothbrush, you might need to try a different toothbrush or switch them out sooner. Toothbrushes for children don’t last as long, so try and teach your kids the proper techniques for brushing without gnawing on the heads.

Also, if you tend to group all of your toothbrushes, you should still keep them separate so that germs don’t migrate between them. And if you’ve been sick for awhile, change your toothbrush as soon as possible. The same advice goes for if you’ve been suffering from allergies lately as well.


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