Why is My Mouth Watering?

Why is My Mouth Watering?

Most of the time, your mouth watering is perfectly innocent.

Most of the time, your mouth watering is perfectly innocent. For instance, you might be thinking about that pizza you plan on eating for lunch. Or when you first wake up, you smell the wonderful scent of sizzling bacon. In any case, it can be a problem when your mouth waters. Let’s find out why this is.

What It Means

The saliva in your mouth is good for you. While it doesn’t seem to have any benefits, saliva helps keep your teeth, gums, and mouth clean. It also helps fight cavities and prevent bad breath. However, when you generate too much saliva, you have a condition known as hypersalivation.

Typical Causes

Infection: You might have an infected tooth. Your body has its own ways of fighting infection, such as producing more saliva to wash the germs away. An infection can lead to more severe health problems, so you need to see your dentist as soon as possible if you think you have an infection.  

Medication: Any time you are prescribed with medication, you need to take it. Don’t skip any doses, even if you don’t like what the medicine does to you. While it’s possible that your medication is causing you to produce excess saliva, you need to clear it with your doctor before you stop taking it.

Poisoning: It doesn’t happen often, but you could have poison in your system and not even know it. A spider bite, reptile bite, or metal poisoning could all be the cause.  

Symptoms of Hypersalivation

Two easy ways to figure out if you have hypersalivation are to measure how often you drool or spit. While these actions are unpleasant and uncouth, they can help you find the truth of whether or not something is wrong.

Besides bad breath, your lips might be too chapped, which is no fun. You might also be dehydrated, which is a concern during the summer. You might also have trouble eating or drinking, which can contribute to your overall feeling of nausea. As strange as it sounds, hypersalivation can even change the way you talk. If you notice a pattern of these symptoms, and they won’t go away, then it’s time to schedule an appointment with your dentist.


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