What Causes Bad Breath?

What Causes Bad Breath?

We know how embarrassing it is to have halitosis or bad breath.

We know how embarrassing it is to have halitosis or bad breath. Think about it this way: no matter how well you brush, sometimes you can’t have enough of that minty fresh feeling. If you don’t floss often enough, or use enough mouthwash, all the brushing you do won’t be enough. Let’s look at some other causes of bad breath.

Bad Habits

Bacteria in your mouth is the main culprit for your bad breath. Did you know that these unwanted guests will also lurk on your tongue and your gums? That’s why brushing your teeth is so important – but you should avoid sharing a toothbrush with anyone else, even if they aren’t sick. Be sure to brush in the morning and when it’s time for bed to reduce the amount of these unpleasant germs in your mouth.

Tonsil Problems

You might not expect your tonsils to be the cause of your halitosis. If you still have them, then you might have developed tonsil stones, which are primarily made up of dead tissue from inside your mouth. They’re also composed of packets of bacteria and dried mucus that have all congealed together inside your tonsils. You might bite into these stones on accident, which will affect both your sense of taste and sense of smell.

Dry Mouth

If you’ve recently found that your mouth is always watering, it could be your body naturally attempting to deal with bad breath. After all, one of the causes of hypersalivation is that you need to get rid germs in your mouth. But you might also be experiencing the opposite problem – your mouth is too dry. Dry mouth can contribute to stinky breath as well. This is normally due to breathing in and out through your mouth inside of your nostrils – unfortunately, this habit could be so unconscious that you don’t even notice it happening.

Oral Diseases

You’ve got to do whatever you can to ensure your oral health. You might develop gingivitis or periodontitis, two types of gum disease. Both are unpleasant and could also be compounded by abscesses in your gums, which are another type of infection that could make you miserable. Don’t let that happen to you.   


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