Your Annapolis Family Dentist Recommends Mouth Healthy Foods

oral health foodStaying healthy is a priority for most people and their families. You already know how important it is to eat well in order to avoid illness and disease as you age, but do you know what kinds of foods are good for your oral healthcare? You probably already know some of the worst foods for your teeth. As a family dentist, we recommend avoiding foods that will discolor your teeth as well as ingredient lists that are heavy in the sugar or carbohydrate family. These foods are the leading agents in causing plaque and tooth decay. This week we’d like to give you a rundown of the best foods for helping to keep your teeth white and your mouth healthy!

  • Cheese – This dairy product is a super food for keeping your mouth healthy and preventing against acidic deterioration of your teeth. Because of the protein and calcium, cheese helps keep your teeth strong. You should always be cautious about the amount of cheese you eat, though. It tends to be high in fat content.
  • Salmon – Salmon is very healthy for your teeth and a favorite among fish lovers. There is also calcium in salmon (along with Vitamin D), which is good for your teeth as well as the rest of the bones in your body. Salmon is a healthy food for you in general and can be prepared in many different ways.
  • Vegetables – Your parents haven’t been telling you to “eat your vegetables” for years for no reason. The health benefits of raw veggies can’t be overstated. The iron in green vegetables helps to create a protective covering on your teeth because of all the iron. It’s also great for building muscle and keeping your energy levels up.
  • Fruits – Not all fruits are created equal, but apples and pears can help you produce more saliva and flush away stains. Just be careful about the amount of these two fruits that you eat since they are pretty high in sugar content. Watermelon is another good fruit for your teeth since it’s mostly made of water and also helps produce saliva.
  • Ginger – It’s amazing how many different things can be made from this root. It’s versatile and goes with anything – from cookies to sushi. If you have inflamed gums, ginger is your best friend. It’s an anti-inflammatory, which is great for gum, cheek, and tongue health.

Choosing foods that keep your teeth white and health is important for your overall health. Avoid foods that can stain your teeth (coffee, tea, red wine) and try to stick to healthy foods that aren’t carb loaded or full of sugar. If you have some discoloration on your teeth and are interested in a professional whitening, contact Annapolis Dental Care by calling (410) 267-0766 or visit today! We look forward to helping you get your whitest smile back!

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