3 Common Root Canal Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Common Root Canal Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

When you’ve never had one before, it’s easy to assume that a root canal is bound to be unpleasant.

When you’ve never had one before, it’s easy to assume that a root canal is bound to be unpleasant. However, the technology and procedures involved have come a long way over the years. Besides, there is a lingering misunderstanding that root canals only result in unbearable pain and illnesses that can harm your oral health. However, this simply is not the case. Read on to learn more about some of the more common myths about root canals that shouldn’t frighten you. 

Myth #1: It’s Going to Hurt

As we noted above, one of the most prominent myths has to do with overwhelming pain. The truth is, dealing with an untreated wisdom tooth, sensitivity, or disease caused by decay is going to be much more excruciating. Since anesthetics have become so common, you won’t experience any more discomfort than if you visited your friendly Annapolis dentist to have a filling for a cavity done. In simplest terms, a root canal is meant to remove the damaged tissue giving you so much pain. 

Myth #2: You Can Get Sick

Given the unrelenting nature of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s quite understandable how you could be more concerned about getting sick now more than ever before. That said, the idea that a root canal could somehow lead to making you sick is untrue. It’s another enduring myth that nevertheless still unsettles anxious patients. A hundred years ago this might have had a kernel of truth to it – but modern medicine understands how germs and bacteria behave much better now so it shouldn’t worry you at all these days.  

Myth #3: Extractions Are Just Better

Many patients often wonder what the difference is between a root canal and an ordinary tooth extraction. The distinction is that an extraction removes the affected tooth, while the root canal treats the “root” that keeps the tooth anchored in its socket and attached to the pulp. Ultimately, it depends on your situation – if at all possible, strive to retain your natural teeth. While bridges, crowns, implants, and even dentures could be a solution, they could still have an impact on your teeth, the nearby gums, and even your smile.  


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