Major Oral Health Issues: What Are Cold Sores?

Major Oral Health Issues: What Are Cold Sores?

For most, cold sores are an uncomfortable blister but for others, they may lead to oral health dilemmas.

When it comes to oral health, sometimes, cold sores can hinder it. In fact, these common viral infections can linger and cause oral health trouble. For most, cold sores are an uncomfortable blister but for others, they may lead to oral health dilemmas. Here are some key facts and helpful information about how cold sores can impact your oral health

Symptoms Of A Cold Sore

When it comes to cold sores, there are a few different stages that come into play. First, you may experience tingling and itching followed by blisters popping up. In fact, the blisters traditionally erupt along the border of lips. This means they can negatively impact your oral health as well. The reality is, oozing and crusting is the last symptom associated with a cold sore and can have uncomfortable impacts on your oral health overall. 

Times To Call The Doctor

Getting a professional involved when it comes to cold sores isn’t always necessary. In fact, most of the time, getting over the counter medication can help relieve your symptoms and make it better after a few days. However, if you experience disastrous symptoms or things start getting worse, a doctor’s visit may be required. The reality is, if you have a weakened immune system, having a cold sore could bring up other issues which is why it may be beneficial to contact a doctor if you experience a cold sore. Additionally, consult a doctor if the cold sore doesn’t heal within two weeks, symptoms become severe, you experience frequent recurrences of cold sores or you experience any irritation in your eyes.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there is nothing worse than a cold sore. In fact, cold sores can end up wreaking havoc on your oral health if you don’t take care of them properly. As a result, being mindful of your cold sores can help protect your oral health in the long run. Therefore, getting a professional involved in your cold sore is really only necessary if things go south quickly. 


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