How to Deal with Jagged Teeth

How to Deal with Jagged Teeth

So how do you deal when other teeth become pointy? Here is more information about jagged teeth.

Having healthy teeth is immensely important. Unhealthy teeth can ruin your confidence and lead to deeper problems than just aesthetic ones. Some of your teeth are already meant to be pointy: namely, your canines, which are supposed to help tear up your food. So how do you deal when other teeth become pointy? Here is more information about jagged teeth. 

The Shape of Teeth 

Let’s start by discussing the shape of your teeth. It’s unrealistic to expect perfectly even and tidy teeth that shine with a pearly sheen. You might have jagged teeth simply because of talon cusps – little jabs of tooth enamel that grow up into the shape of eagle talons. These cusps can be dealt with through grinding or removal of excess enamel. If your teeth are crooked or pointed, to begin with, then some orthodontic solutions should set them right.  

Broken or Chipped Teeth

Now let’s talk about broken or chipped teeth. You might break or chip a tooth through an accident and that could leave the nerve underneath exposed and extra sensitive. Cavities, whether or not they are hidden in your wisdom teeth, can also erode the structure of your teeth. Overlarge fillings that have expired can also cause problems, so if they do, it’s imperative that you speak to your dentist here at Annapolis Dental Care right away! 

Treating Jagged Teeth 

Finally, let’s take a look at how to treat jagged teeth. One process for doing this is called contouring, where unusually-shaped tooth enamel is gently ground away. Because it is a cosmetic procedure, you won’t need to undergo anesthesia. Two other remedies are called bonding and veneers. Missing parts of teeth are repaired through bonding with dyed resin that is made to look like the rest of your teeth. One issue that you might notice, though, is that this resin tends to become discolored. Meanwhile, two types of veneers exist. They are called traditional and minimally invasive. Make your choice carefully, since adding the traditional veneer involves permanent removal of some of your tooth enamel. In extreme cases, your dentist will recommend that tooth extraction be performed. 


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