Compelling Reasons to Avoid Sharing Your Toothbrush

Compelling Reasons to Avoid Sharing Your Toothbrush

Here are some of the reasons why you should swap out your toothbrush if you do share. After all, in this case, it’s not caring!

You might be willing to share your toothbrush with your spouse or another family member, just for a night, until they can find a spare or get to the store for one, especially if it is still packed for a trip. Here’s the thing, though: never share your toothbrush! Here are some of the reasons why you should swap out your toothbrush if you do share. After all, in this case, it’s not caring! 

Bloody Gums 

Even if your gums only bleed during a tooth cleaning, that’s still not a good sign. One reason to avoid toothbrush-sharing is because of this, whether it’s from you to the other party or vice versa. Brushing too hard can also make the gums bleed, and this can spread germs, bacteria, and viruses far more easily than you might think. 

Bacteria and Viruses 

With all of the precautions about COVID-19 and Coronavirus, it would behoove you to disinfect and sanitize everything around you. Bacteria and viruses are sneaky, mainly because they are invisible. It’s easy to transfer the MRSA infection that spreads tooth decay and can even be, scarily enough, flesh-eating!

Food and Fungi 

Food particles can stick around, even after you brush. That’s why using floss and mouthwash is such a good idea for fighting off the bits of food and the bacteria that feast on the debris that is left behind and can give you bad breath, or even worse, a fungal infection that can ruin your oral health. Rinse your mouth after every meal or snack to reduce the chances of this happening, and be sure to rinse your toothbrush too, especially if it is kept in the same cup or container as everyone else’s! 

Perio Disease 

You helped us investigate perio breath, and you probably learned more along the way. Well here’s the thing, periodontal disease is a good reason to avoid sharing toothbrushes. This infection can lead to tooth decay or loss. It can also spread out to the rest of your body through the bloodstream and affect your overall well being, so it’s not something you should ignore or take lightly because you don’t think it is a problem. 


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