Dental Health Tips for Halloween



Minimize the sugar overload this Halloween with some teeth friendly practices.

Halloween is nearly upon us, and your trick or treaters are probably super excited to get their share of tasty Halloween treats. While it is nearly impossible to avoid Halloween candy completely, now is a great time to teach kids about how they can prevent cavities and make healthy choices. Here are a few ways you can minimize the sugar overload and promote dental health this Halloween.

Brush Up On Brushing

Halloween serves as a good reminder for why we should brush our teeth. Try to include a brand new toothbrush with your child’s Halloween treat bucket, along with some floss. Teach your child about proper brushing etiquette and the importance of preventing tooth decay. If your child is binging on a lot of candy in one sitting, make sure they spend time thoroughly brushing afterwards.

Create a Candy Bank

Some trick or treaters can pick up an astonishingly large amount of candy on Halloween, but it’s better to consume in moderate than to load up on sugar all at once. While this might seem like a punishment to some children, you can find fun ways to make it rewardings. One piece of candy every day for lunch is a better approach. Another thing you can do is limit the number of houses you visit or carry a smaller bag to fill with treats. Whatever you choose to do, discussing our Halloween plans with your child ahead of time is a good strategy. It’s important for children to learn healthy dental choices early on.

Sweet Treat Alternatives

If you’re doling out candy this Halloween it doesn’t have to be the sweetest, sugariest snacks on the block. Sugar-free gum is a great alternative because it promotes saliva productions and the artificial sweetener xylitol actually helps combat bacteria and plaque. Another idea is to offer some kind of small toy instead of candy. Doing something different can make your house one of the memorable ones on the block!

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