What is the Difference Between a Regular Cleaning and a Deep Cleaning?

What is the Difference Between a Regular Cleaning and a Deep Cleaning?

What’s the difference between a regular cleaning and a deep cleaning?

Let’s say that you had an upcoming dentist appointment, but you had to reschedule it since you were going out of town. But then a cancellation allows you to fit a routine cleaning and having your fillings done on the same day. Before getting started you are asked if you have any questions, and you might have one: what’s the difference between a regular cleaning and a deep cleaning?

Regular Cleaning

First of all, it’s important to remember that a regular tooth cleaning is important for your entire mouth. Whether you have staining on the tongue side of your teeth or a tartar buildup from a lack of flossing, a tooth regular cleaning can take care of it. Once it’s over, your mouth will feel cleaner, and your gums should be healthier, too. If your gums are healthy, they shouldn’t bleed during a routine cleaning. However, it’s also critical that you have a cleaning scheduled for every six months. These checkups can help you determine if you need a deeper cleaning or not. The deeper cleaning will include some distilled water to help clear away the tartar once it has been cleared away.

Deep Cleaning

You should try to get your teeth cleaned every six months or so. However, sometimes, that’s not possible. Let’s say for that it has been at least three years since your last cleaning. Since then, you’ve started going to a new dentist. Your new dentist recommends that you get a deep cleaning. What does that mean? This deep cleaning is also known as “scaling and planing.” Too much tartar is built up, so a pocket builds up under the gums. These pockets are the foundation for future development of gum disease; so, to stop the gum disease from getting worse, it is important to have a dental professional give you cleaning at least twice a year, and sometimes more. The deep cleaning can help your oral health improve enough that the gum disease begins to recede.


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