Do You Brush Your Tongue?

Do You Brush Your Tongue?

Do you ever think about brushing your tongue?

Whenever you brush your teeth, you’re probably focusing on getting every side of every tooth. But plaque and tartar can be hiding in more than the chewing surfaces of your teeth or the gum line of your mouth. Do you ever think about brushing your tongue?

Doing It Right

The next time you brush your teeth, you should try brushing your tongue. All you do is run the brush over the top of your tongue as if you were doing the same to your tooth. Just make sure you cover all of your tongue and then rinse your mouth out when you are done. However, when you do, exercise some caution so you don’t activate your gag reflex, which could make your experiment come to an unpleasant end. Still, if you keep it up, you’ll start to see some real benefits.


First of all, you should know that brushing your tongue will help improve your breath. This improvement is great news, especially if you are self-conscious about your perceived bad breath. Your teeth and gums will also thank you. Plus, you might discovered a renewed sense of taste – no, you can’t kill your taste buds by scrubbing your tongue too hard – this only means you are removing layers of accumulated dead skin and germs. Any bacteria in your mouth won’t be able to get into your blood or into your stomach, which can help your whole body health start to improve as well.


So now that we’ve got you convinced, your next question probably has to do with how often you should brush your tongue. That’s a fair point. In all honesty, you should brush your tongue every single you brush your teeth. This way, you’ll start to get used to it, and your tongue won’t be as sensitive. In case you have problems with dry mouth, cleaning your tongue might help overcome them through stimulating more saliva production.

Using Mouthwash

Don’t forget to use some mouthwash, too. Pairing mouthwash with a tongue-brushing will help get rid of even more troublesome bacteria in your mouth now that they are dazed and vulnerable. You’ll also find you won’t have as many cavities as you did before.


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