Fixing Crooked Teeth at Annapolis Dental Care

There are two things that can really hurt a person’s smile: discolored and crooked teeth. Even if your teeth are perfectly healthy, discoloration or crookedness may still prevent you from putting your best foot forward when you smile.

Causes of Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth can be caused by a number of different reasons, including:

  1. Mouth is too small, which crowds the teeth
  2. Upper and lower jaws aren’t the same size
  3. Genetics
  4. Early loss of baby teeth
  5. Improper fit of dental restorations
  6. Gum disease
  7. Injury
  8. Thumb sucking as a child
  9. And so much more!

Problems associated with Crooked Teeth

Unfortunately, crooked teeth are more than just an aesthetic annoyance. They can also cause more serious issues, including:

  1. Increasing the risk of tooth decay, cavities, and gingivitis
  2. Interfering with proper chewing
  3. Making oral hygiene difficult
  4. Increasing the risk of breaking a tooth
  5. Leading to discoloration
  6. And more

Treatment for Crooked Teeth

Here at Annapolis Dental Care, we offer a number of cosmetic procedures, including teeth whitening, bleaching, veneers, bonding, enamel reshaping, and ceramic crowns – to make sure your smile is as bright and attractive as possible. We perform all our cosmetic procedures right here in the office with a personal attention that is unmatched in our industry.

If you have any questions about Cosmetic Dentistry and Oral Health, or if you wish to schedule an appointment, please contact Annapolis Dental Care by calling (410) 267-0766 or visit today! You can also follow Annapolis Dental Care on FacebookTwitter, and Google+.


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