Flossing is Important for Excellent Oral Health

annapolis dental care flossing is important for excellent oral health

Let’s learn more about why flossing is important for excellent oral health.

There are countless things you must do in life, like exercising 3x a week or balancing and rotating your tires. However, these tasks go undone amid life’s busyness. Another thing you must complete is to floss your teeth. Fortunately, flossing is quick and straightforward to accomplish. It can also help prevent discoloration and tooth decay, limit the need for extensive procedures, and avoid tooth loss. Let’s learn more about why flossing is important for excellent oral health.

The Value of Flossing

Food quickly breaks down in your mouth as you eat. Carbohydrates interact with bacteria to develop an acid, which may start to wear away dental enamel. So, when acid and food particles remain in your mouth, they can form plaque, a sticky substance that clings to your teeth. Eventually, plaque will become tartar.

In addition, plaque and tartar contain bacteria, and cavities will likely develop when they remain on your teeth. Unfortunately, bacteria can enter your gum tissue, leading to periodontitis. As a result, it can produce widespread tooth loss. This is why flossing is important for excellent oral health.

Frequency of Flossing

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), flossing once daily is recommended despite the timing. It doesn’t matter if you floss before bed, in the morning, or after lunch. It matters most that you’re doing it. Also, floss when it feels comfortable for you. Make sure to floss after if you choose to brush first. Flossing also includes kids. In fact, parents must begin flossing their kid’s teeth as soon as they develop more teeth that touch—another reason why flossing is important for excellent oral health.

Correct Flossing Method

Moreover, while there’s no ideal time to floss, there is a correct flossing method. First, get a piece of floss that is 18 inches long. Wrap each end around your middle fingers on both hands and wind the floss around your fingers as you floss. Gently rub the sides of each tooth as your thumb and pointer finger holds the floss. Also, complete a C-shaped motion to clean along your gum line, gliding the floss back down and rubbing the back side of your last tooth. Throw the floss away once you finish.

Type of Floss to Use

If possible, utilize a floss with the ADA Seal of Acceptance. Besides that, select a floss that will encourage you to continue your habit. Additionally, wax-coated flosses often fit easily between teeth. Some of them have a mint-flavored coating, while others don’t.

You can also try floss picks if you find it hard to maneuver floss. In particular, these help children and older adults. If you still have questions about flossing or oral care, please give us a ring at 410-267-0766!

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