Halitosis: The Case of the Mysterious Bad Breath

Halitosis: The Case of the Mysterious Bad Breath

What is halitosis? How is it treated? Find out here!

Although many people know what it’s like to have bad breath, they might not know what halitosis is. Ask your dentist how to treat it. Even if it will be months before you can go back for another appointment, there are some things you can learn about it in the meantime.

More Info about Halitosis

Now let’s learn more about what halitosis is. It is the same thing as bad breath, only under a different name; it is, in fact, the medical term used to describe it. There is an unfortunate social stigma attached to the idea of bad breath, which makes many people worried that they are going to be embarrassed because of it. It’s easy enough to remedy, but it might indicate something more serious is at fault.

Some Potential Causes

What are some of the potential causes of bad breath? Let’s find out. Some types of food and drinks you consume can contribute to this problem. Garlic, onions, and coffee, in particular, aren’t so great for your breath. Likewise, plaque, tartar, not flossing enough, and gingivitis can also be the source of the issue.

Some Example Treatments

Improve your diet by eating more fruits and veggies. Even though they might taste better when including in sweets (for fruit) and with spicy sauces (for vegetables) these can both affect the odor of your breath. An apple can help you – there’s a reason why there is a saying about it. You can also try chewing some sugar-free gum.

If you frequently travel, then you know chewing gum can help you during takeoff and landing. Well, the same can be said when you’re a bit closer to the ground. It also gets rid of food debris stuck in your teeth and helps encourage your saliva production.

You’ve also got to stay hydrated. The more water you drink, the better you will feel. It has to do with dry mouth – if you’re not getting enough water then you will definitely feel it.


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