Heavy Lies the Dental Crown: What You Should Know

Heavy Lies the Dental Crown: What You Should Know

Do you need to have a crown protecting your teeth?

Do you need to have a crown protecting your teeth? Although it conjures up images of royalty, a crown is only just a name. But what else should you know about it? We’ll help you determine if this procedure is necessary and if it can repair any broken or decaying teeth that you may have.  

What Does It Do?

Dental crowns are one of the most popular forms of a dental implant. If your molar has recently been cracked, a crown can replace the chunk of missing tooth. You may have had fillings done in the past, but eventually, fillings will need to be redone. A crown can replace the old filling. Once you have experienced a root canal procedure, crowns can also be used to fix the tooth and shield the affected teeth from future damage. Oh, and when used with other implants, can give them a more natural and appealing look.

How Can It Help You?

No matter what happens to your mouth and your teeth, your crown will endure. You might see them made out of porcelain – a material that closely resembles the look and feel of natural teeth enamel. But how else can it help you?

  • Restores your ability to bite and chew on food without feeling pain.
  • It can help lend support to other teeth nearby.
  • Relieve pain from lingering cracks in your back teeth. While these cracks may not have developed into full-blown cavities, they can still cause you plenty of pain and distress.
  • Decades of use before they need a replacement.

How Does Getting a Crown Work?

You may need more than one visit to our offices to get a full crown done. A temporary crown will be crafted to fit inside the available space. While this crown might not be made from porcelain, it will give you a chance to adjust to the feeling of a crown before the permanent crown is inserted. Once you come back for your second visit, the permanent crown should be ready for you. The permanent crown will replace the temporary crown, and you can start feeling confident about your smile again!


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