Do You Need Urgent Oral Surgery?

Do You Need Urgent Oral Surgery?

Suppose you have urgent oral surgery in your future. How do you get ready for it?

Most of us don’t love going to the dentist. Even if we don’t have anything wrong, it is still a nerve-wracking experience. Hesitant patients do eventually go when they have some sort of dental emergency. Suppose you have urgent oral surgery in your future. In that case, it may set your mind at ease to review some basic information about the process, including things that you can do to prepare.


What Is Oral Surgery?

In short, oral surgery is any surgical procedure that involves the mouth or jaw. Still, there are various levels of severity involved. A root canal or a tooth removal are both oral surgeries, but so is maxillofacial surgery or the removal of a tumor. Depending on the type of oral surgery you need, you may need a specialized oral surgeon or a general one.


When Is Oral Surgery Necessary?

Oral surgery is necessary when you have an issue that your general or family dentist isn’t equipped to handle for one reason or another. Impacted wisdom teeth or unconventional root canals are two issues that often send people in search of an oral surgeon. Periodontal disease is another. Your dentist will be the person to let you know you need one in most cases, and they should be able to direct you to someone they recommend.


How Do You Prepare?

Your surgeon will provide you with specific preparation instructions. In general, you should prepare for oral surgery like you would get ready for any surgery. Clean your home so that when you return, you can rest comfortably. If you will need to sleep on an incline, arrange your bed to allow for that. In many cases, you will not be allowed to eat or drink for a certain number of hours before the procedure. Therefore, make sure that your surgeon informs you exactly how long. Finally, make sure that you have a ride to and from the procedure – you will not be up to driving yourself after anesthesia.


How Do You Recover?

Your recovery time will depend on the type of surgery. Generally, you should expect to have to eat soft foods, refrain from brushing (swish with saltwater instead), and in some cases, refrain from using a straw or spitting for several days at least. You should also not drink or smoke while you’re on the mend, as it will slow your healing.



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