Simple Thanksgiving Dental Tips for a Brighter Smile

annapolis dental care Thanksgiving dental tips

Here are some simple Thanksgiving dental tips to keep your smile looking good.

Thanksgiving Day is lovely for family traditions, cozy gatherings, and delicious feasts. Even though many of us look forward to bread stuffing, roasted turkey, and sweet potatoes, it’s simple to forget how these favorite family recipes impact our teeth and gums. Here are some simple Thanksgiving dental tips to keep your smile looking good.

Flossing Matters

Of all of our Thanksgiving dental tips, flossing may be the most important! Thanksgiving feasts can be long, from delicious appetizers and the main course to even late-night leftovers. To avoid the food from getting stuck between your teeth, floss each time to eliminate plaque buildup.

Rinse After Eating Sticky Sweets

Pumpkin, apple, and mouth-watering pecan pies are classic holiday dishes that are terrible for your teeth. So, avoiding or limiting sugary sweets will prevent harmful bacteria from causing tooth decay. If you consume some sweets, please rinse your mouth with water afterward to eliminate sugar and avoid it from sticking to your teeth and gums.

Limit Wine at Thanksgiving Dinner

Limiting wine at dinner is also one of the most important Thanksgiving dental tips. Besides staining teeth, wine’s acidity can weaken your tooth’s enamel. In addition, enamel plays a significant role in protecting our teeth from decay. Therefore, we want to protect it by limiting or avoiding highly acidic foods and beverages.

Consume Protein & Vegetables

Even though most of us love comfort food like dinner rolls or stuffing, it can harm our oral health. Like sugar, starch attaches to your teeth and helps feed cavity-causing bacteria. Instead of loading up on your mom’s famous mashed potatoes, fill your plate with vegetables and turkey, and consider cutting back on the gravy.

Add an Extra Scoop of Cranberries

After adding sweet potatoes to your plate, don’t forget about the cranberries! These classic little berries can help delay tooth decay since they contain polyphenols. Polyphenols can help ward off harmful bacteria that can cause cavities. But be careful how much you consume because cranberry sauce recipes can have lots of sugar, harming teeth.

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