Tooth Whitening: Would Tooth Paint Help?


Tooth Whitening: Would Tooth Paint Help?

Many tooth whitening products exist for lightening up the tooth enamel, which is the most visible part of your teeth.

Brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash are immensely important. These three techniques help improve your dental and oral health. However, they might not always make your teeth as white as you would like them to be. That’s why you might turn to the tooth paint to make cosmetic changes that please you. There is one question though: is it worth it? 

Whitening Your Teeth 

Not all teeth are naturally pearly white. You could have stained them through your love for coffee, tea, or red wine. Plus, your teeth could just be discolored from the effects of time, nature, and tooth decay. Many tooth whitening products exist for lightening up the tooth enamel, which is the most visible part of your teeth. One way this happens is through the application of whitening gel, which takes the time to dissolve the staining agents and make your teeth whiter. 

Using Tooth Paint

You might think that using tooth paint is a quicker and easier process. Doing this is only a temporary fix, though; the paint hides the stains rather than breaking them up. If you want to try it, then all you have to do is dry off the tooth you want to paint, apply the paint with a brush, and let it dry. 

Does It Work?

So the real question that lingers is “does it work?” The truth is that it doesn’t work the way you would imagine. For one thing, it doesn’t get into the enamel, so it won’t stick for too long. Even if you follow all of the instructions to the letter, it still won’t last very long since it is a superficial change and not a durable one. This problem becomes especially apparent if there is no hydrogen peroxide included in the mixture.   

Other Products

Other products can be effective as well. Maybe try hydrogen peroxide to see if it makes a difference for you. Whitening strips also work, but be sure to talk to your dentist about what they can do for you. In some cases, professional whitening treatments bring the best results and are the safest for your health, too. 


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