Halitosis: Do You Have Bad Breath?

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The primary reason for having bad breath (halitosis) is bacteria growing in your mouth.

Brushing your teeth, flossing them after eating, and avoiding excessive consumption of odorous foods are among the common dental hygiene tips. If you neglect to follow such daily dental care, then you might experience dental problems such as bad breath (halitosis).

Primary Reason for Having Bad Breath

The primary reason for having bad breath (halitosis) is bacteria growing in your mouth. Such bacteria release various odorous compounds like sulfur that create a bad breath smell. In addition, poor oral hygiene is among the main reasons for bacterial growth in the mouth. Please consult your Annapolis dentist to find other causes of bad breath gum disease.

Bad Breath Caused by the Stomach

Moreover, poor oral hygiene is not really responsible for bad breath caused by a person’s stomach because it comes from something else. There is a specific disease known as Gastroesophageal reflux disease, where the tummy acid might flow back to the person’s esophagus. As a result, this reverse flow of stomach acid might also interrupt the whole esophagus function and trigger extreme discomfort. One of the most apparent symptoms of bad breath is extremely poor odor. You must contact an Annapolis dentist if you feel bad breath (halitosis) even after brushing your teeth.

Having Bad Breath After Brushing

Besides poor oral hygiene, bad breath can be caused by other reasons. Many kinds of mouth infections can also trigger bad breath. Also, sinus infections can cause halitosis. Additionally, kidney disease, diabetes, and any gastric reflux can be reasons for bad breath gum disease.

Can You Cure Bad Breath?

Bad breath is absolutely curable. In fact, many treatment options might assist you in getting rid of bad breath. Most treatments depend on your specific case of how your halitosis is formed over time. For some people, a good mouth rinse and fluoride toothpaste will cure their bad breath. Others discover they will need advanced dental treatments. For instance, a person with bad breath due to gum disease will need to see a general dentist or an Annapolis orthodontist for more complex cases.

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